Pregnancy vitamins without iron

Pregnancy vitamins are meant to fill the nutritional gaps in diet, containing ingredient like folic acid that is not only helpful for normal development of fetus but also reduces the possibility of birth defects.

 Though it is believed that prenatal supplements have great effects for any expecting mother but the fact of the matter is that iron may not work for you. Too much of iron is known to cause nausea or constipation, so if you have these two common issues, your doctor may prescribe iron-free supplements because you may also be taking other iron supplements, so if you will use iron free pregnancy supplements you don’t get too much.

 Instead of taking so much prenatal vitamins you should try to get more nutrition from your food sources. But keep in mind it too that nutritional requirement during pregnancy is higher and for that you need prenatal supplements too.Some doctors say that iron specifically may not cause gastrointestinal problems but the size of the pill and supplement that causes issues. Other than iron, folic acid, vitamin A and D are some nutrients you should consider before using an iron-free supplement.

Your doctor is the best adviser because as per your reports and symptoms she or he can suggest you the right pregnancy supplements without Iron. Do not use prenatal supplements those are bought over the counter.Pregnancy is the most important time for a woman and being an expectant mother you try everything that can help your baby to develop properly but that doesn’t mean you should suffer through constipation and nausea though!

 Remember you can easily give your baby all the nutrients they need by taking non iron prenatal vitamins so that the rest of your pregnancy goes by smoothly.



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